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Like to fuck remix

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Oo, oo, ooo I guess the change in my pocket Wasn't enough I'm like, Fuck you! And fuck her too! I said, if I was richer, I'd still be with ya Ha, now ain't that some shit? And although there's pain in my chest I still wish you the best with a
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Here Are the Lyrics to G-Eazy's 'No Limit,' Feat. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B

Like to fuck remix
Like to fuck remix
Like to fuck remix
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We Like To Fuck (Roze Remix) from Xtreme Digital Hard on Beatport

Everybody sayin' that they want me to shine like they really-really mean that, but.. I don't think that's the case, 'ya just spit in my face, friendship.. Man, I just started as a new jack, spit a few raps if they sayin' that I'm too fat, try to buckle up people who rap too bad, who's that, boo yeah, urrggghhhe, takin' on your food stamps With a fork, with a plate, with a knife, with a cup, where my motherfuckin' spoon at I ain't scared of 'ya all, I'm still runnin' like I'm Terry Fox, they barely walkin', I fell into the paradox, next mane grew a pair of claws, my shit tighter than laces on your pair of docks, get it Listen, I been kinda fucked up lately, my loved ones think that I'm somewhat crazy, I work forward to a trust fund, baby I look 'em in the face like "Fuck you! Pay me! Haha, I let you, hold up We used to sleep in the car on tour, we weren't getting paid, it was all outwore, we really had it bad but not no more 'cause we the best now with a ball on our court So tell Future I'm the future now, the dentist in your grill like a rookkanaal, abuse your style, I'm ruthless, I shoot 'em down, I'm chewing now, clueless, I'm stupid foul It's Merk. I can't run around Turn a hundred nuggets to a hundred pounds, milk shakes I just jug 'em down I pick out McDonalds, yeah.. I pick out McDonalds, yeah Skill set for a hundred pounds, I'm so fat..
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Not Give A Fuck (Remix) lyrics

When see? Yeah, shut the shit down Time to switch now Crys in the glass to sip now X5, superstar, the Icon mamma Stepped out, tanked out and let's dada That's when I come with, run with Iconz clique, fly bomb shit For all my girls who be shakin' they ass Spendin' the cash, y'all keep sippin' on now, wha hey. Nig, I got a good-ass aim Nobody get rich without me, now or never Whatever, you niggas need to get it together Icon, Queen Bee, so respect the game This shit right here made off the chain I'm just a fly girl Always rocking thongs with the see-through stockings Gators with the Lizzies Burners for the dead beats WHA?!
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Yo ill fuck yo face up Fuck the world Fuck the matrix Fuck yo grandma in the face her body in my basement Fuck a search warrant Fuck a home invasion I'm banging at the cops sending shots right in they rib cages Fuck you and yo click ain't shit but a bunch of dick faces Fuck you if you racist Fuck you if you hate us You wanna know what i told myself when i ask me if i was my friend middle finger in the mirror like 'fuck him' Again and again my mind go blank Wake up in the morning with the blood on my face Put me in the jacket and they stood me up straight I chew myself out then i fuckin escape I got a bloody cuttin axe Fuck the rest i feel the best when i snatch yo fuckin chain right off yo chest And fuck where you from Fuck yo bitch without a rubber on And scrub life until I'm gone And fuck this world with a loaded gun. Introduction Provided 2. The Opener Provided 3. Elephants In The Room Provided 4.
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